Kennedy Free Library Board Meeting Minutes

At the September 21, 2021 Board meeting, all members were present except for Steve and Shannon.  Cody introduced our guest, Robert Cross of Three Cs Catering. Robert will prepare the food for our Election Day dinner, to be held at the newly-renovated library space downstairs on November 2, 2021 from 4-7pm.  Pre-sale tickets are available for purchase at the library during regular business hours for $12 per person. Take out/eat-in choices; limited ticket availability at the door. Raffle tickets will also be available.


At the reading of the Minutes of the previous Board meetings in May and June, Cody moved acceptance, seconded by Michelle.

Kevin gave the Treasurer’s report, noting that all accounts are now at Community Bank in Falconer. Total income by August 21, 2021 equalled $2,660.79 to expenses of $10,002.10.  Cody approved first, Kathleen second.


Dawn introduced Shannon Gilevski, her new assistant librarian.  Shannon was enthusiastically welcomed.

Circulation figures show a steady increase, year over year, in the number of patrons who use library services. These numbers will justify Cody’s anticipated request to the Town Council for additional subsidy. Cody suggested that we form committees within the Board to tackle specific issues.  In January 2022, we will begin work in these groups:  Grants (Kevin, Alicia, Kathleen), Policy and Employee Review (Cody, Sue, Michelle), and  Construction (Shannon, Barb, Steve). As the downstairs renovation nears completion, Dawn requested the purchase of three security cameras for that space at a cost of $2,275.  We can use the $2000 check from CCLS to off-set that expense. Her motion was accepted unanimously. A question posed:  Will the insurance rate be lowered with the enhanced security?


Dawn continues her communication with CCLS regarding policy statements the Board must approve, for example, Conflict of Interest, Patron Code of Conduct, Sexual Harassment Awareness.  She continues seeking donations, is seeking to revitalized the Friends of the Library group, and maintains good connections with patrons (through services like Book Club and Lego Club) and with our funders (Town Council). The holiday schedule Dawn proposed was approved.  Her report was moved for acceptance by Cody and Kathleen.


Cody adjourned the meeting at 7:04pm.  The next Board meeting is Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 5:30pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen McGough Johnson, Secretary


September Kennedy Free Library Board Meeting Minutes